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* Guaranteed Memorial Services
Anti-inflationary Memorial Services assured. An anti-inflationary plan that guarantees a memorial service package chosen by you and guarantees money back during your lifetime.

* Get your Money Back
The contract price will be returned to you in the amount equivalent to 20% of the contract price which shall be paid each year beginning at the end of the 16th until the end of the 2oth year while you are living.

* Very Affordable Installments
Extremely affordable installment options (starts @ PhP 650.00) and schemes to choose from Spot Cash payments give you a 10% discount.

* Transferability
The planholder has the option to transfer his plan to another person.

* Assignability
A planholder may also choose to assign his plan to any deceased person of his choice provided that the balance is paid in full before the service.

* Unrendered Services
Beneficiary has the option to continue with the plan or to receive termination value according to a schedule if the memorial service was not performed.

* Grace Period
You are given 60 days from due date to pay your past due without penalty.

* 1-Year Contestability
Contestability period is only one (1) year from the inception of the contract or date of last reinstatement.



* Cash Assistance Benefit
The planholder’s beneficiaries shall receive 100% of the pre-need price if the planholder dies during the paying period or within 5 years after the full payment of the plan and the planholder has not reached the age of 65 upon death.

* Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Cash benefit equivalent to the pre-need price for accidental loss of life, both hands, both feet, sight of both eyes or a combination thereof if the event happens within the paying period and the planholder is between 18-55 years old at the time of the event.

* Unpaid Balance Deemed Paid
Balance is considered paid if the planholder passes away anytime within the paying period and planholder is within 18-60 years of age at the time of the purchase of the plan.

* Waiver of Installments
In the event of uninterrupted disability of at least 6 months during the paying period sustained prior to the planholder’s 60th birthday, the planholder is exempted from paying the installment balance.


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*** Subject to specific conditions applicable only to Life Plan Plus (with Return of Premium) Products

*** Important: All features and benefits are specifically provided, detailed and governed by the provisions of our Life Plan Contract. We encourage all to fully read the provisions of our Life Plan Contract.

We are now offering St. Peter Life Plans and Services to

  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)
  • Global Pinoys
  • Filipinos who are living or working abroad

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We usually assign and send upon your request, a Family Counselor to your place of residence or to an agreed meeting place, to personally explain and answer all your questions about St. Peter Life Plans. This way we will assure you that you will fully understand and know all the things about St. Peter Life Plans, Read more… »

ST. PETER LIFE PLAN, INC. (SPLPI) is a Pre-paid DeathCare company, which offers traditional and affordable Life Plans to all segments of the society. Read more… »

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